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Loki + Skiajati = Problems


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Hi everyone

When I use Loki equipped with the Skiajati the animations are erratics, sometimes using Invisibility  don't appear the command for "stealth atack" and nearby enemies are glitched. In Spy missions after hacking terminals the Warframe gets stuck for few secons.

Recentily I tried to commerce with other player in Mars, but the transaccion canceled and send  message of "error conexion", "failed to join your session", etc, etc... We tried commerce in our respective dojos and the same. Then I saw that was using in my equipment: Loki, Corinth, Akzani and Skiajati, after based on my experience described above decided to try again, doing the next:

1) Changing my main equipment (Wukong Prime, Tonkor, Akzani and Zaw)
2) Sending the invitation to the other player from my orbited
3) When he acepted, I selected maroo.
4) We arrived, we trade *pim pam pum* y finish.

I hope that this post arrive to the developers for a solution, or at least this be useful someone.

Thank this game is awesome :)

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