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What If A Zanuka Can Turn Into A Warframe?


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More like the reverse. What if a Warframe can turn into a Zanuka but then the origin or would be somewhat off. 

Basically what if Alad V made other Zanukas we haven’t seen or heard of yet and one of them, somehow flawed, was able to turn back into a Warframe but with a sort of fractured memory/identity?

Origin: Alad been experimenting on warframes and used them to create his Zanuka. Maybe one of the frames had a shape shifting capability that when Alad V used him with multiple others to create his sort of “abomination” he called Zanuka, the Zanuka turned into a new kind of Warframe but has the fractured memories of multiple frames thus causing him to have an identity problem. But one painful, burning memory that he had very clearly is that of pain and torture that Alad V put him through. Well technically the frames used to create him. Thus he turns back into a unique frame and has basically gone mad until the Tenno “took away its pain” and helped him accept his new identity and body. 

Thus creating a sort of shape shifting frame that is also like a werewolf since he can turn into a Zanuka and gain increase in speed and damage not to mention a sort berserk style. Almost like a male version of Valkyr.

I have ideas for dozens of abilities, but I’m gonna wait to see what others think first. Maybe provide ideas or suggestions of abilities for this frame for me and DE to consider. 

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