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[Recruiting] The Fungeon!


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... is now recruiting!



We are currently small, and we're fine with that! We could turn into a 1,000-member moon clan in the future, we're fine with that too!


Our philosophy is simply to create and maintain a community where everyone is friendly to each other, and where anyone from newbies to the most advanced players can find a squad for any mission.







In order to keep our philosophy alive, we generally only invite people that we meet in game and get a chance to talk to (aside from people we already know IRL). But recently, we figured we shouldn't be so introverted with our recruiting. So, as a compromise, we are allowing an "Application' of sorts.


Add myself (FrydHamstr) or either of our Enforcers (Dougwashere or Viscoden) In-game and send one of us a message saying you are interested in joining the guild. Afterwards, we will reply, and we could setup a game together. This can be any mission, one of your choosing (please choose one that has some sort of length), during this mission we will talk with you a little. If we think you're a cool guy (requirements aren't strict), we'll pop an invite your way. Alternatively, you can also post here to express your interest!


In order to STAY in the guild, you must be online frequently enough (I'd say about 5 hours a week at the very least) and you MUST interact with us (talk in clan chat/join other members' games/help people out/SOCIALIZE)! Otherwise there's no point in having you is there?


Questions? Feel free to post them here!



The Raidcall server ID is 7322657. If you don't have Raidcall, download it at http://update.raidcall.com/download/raidcall.exe?v=7.2.8. Then put in the server ID in the search bar in the Groups tab and hit Enter. You will be brought to the group. If you aren't a member of the Fungeon, you will only have access to the Lounge where you can ask questions and/or setup a game with one our recruiters. Once you are a member, we will add you as a member of the group and you can talk in the main channels! 







0 - Boredom Advocator:Yeah, if you don't interact with the clan very much, we won't kick you, we'll just slap this next to your name. It's more of an identifier than a punishment, but you will be unable to host the Dojo, since it's a social establishment ;)


1 - Surface Dweller: You are still in town, preparing to delve into the Fungeon, and you can host the Dojo to start your journey.


2 - Fungeoneer: You have just cracked the surface of the Fungeon and are ready to delve deeper.


3 - Fungeon Delver: You have ventured deeper into the realm of Fun (those darn funementals). You can now research new weapons for the floors ahead.


4 - Fungeon Master: You have explored all that is known in the Fungeon's depths. Now you must go deeper. The resources of other Fungeoneers before you will assist in your research, and you can punish others for misbehaving.


5 - Advocator of Fun: A true Pioneer, you have penetrated deeper than any known explorer before you. You have gained the ability to recruit new explorers to your cause, and can promote them as well.


6 - Counsel of Fun: A master creator, you have gained enough knowledge about the Fungeon to literally build it as you please.


7 - Funlord:The funnest (that's a word!?) of all who exist. None can match how fun you are. You single-handedly created the Fungeon, after all.





+ All rooms in the Dojo completed!

+ Clan Emblem now in-game!

+ Official Raidcall server created! We will work on phasing out the Skype group.

+ All Grineer (Chem Lab) Research Completed!

+ All Corpus (Energy Lab) Research Completed!

- Infested (Bio Lab) Research is underway (WE NEED MUTAGEN SAMPLES).

- Added decor to the Dojo, now it's up to you guys to contribute the resources!

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\\(Server)\\ Access GRANTED




Hello Tenno-

Welcome to the Fungeon Moon Base - Raven - Located on '$1@*5#&^7%3'


You have been requested to join our cause and fight for the control of the Origin System.

For decades we have hidden in the shadows, but let us rise and come out of the darkness, my brothers and sisters,

and rise above the threats of the Corpus, Grineer, and the dreaded Infestation. We grow stronger in numbers as the days go by, but we can always use more recruits. It doesn't matter if you've just joined the fight, or are a seasoned veteran. All are welcome and cherished.


- To contact us please send messages to the following systems-


- FrydHamstr

- Viscoden



- FrydHamstr

- Viscoden

- Dougwashere



- There is a catch -

You have to want to join and be active. You need to know how to type in chat ('t' is default key).



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Hey guys, I'm Dougwashere. I'm kinda a cool guy, like long walks on the beach and constantly make jokes.  I am one of the three people you need to talk to in order to become part of the clan The Fungeon. We are a social clan whose goal is to have fun. If you need help with lower levels you need only ask. Before we add you, We need to play a game or two with you to get to know you. And you should play frequently. 

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