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Windowed Mode Cursor Doesn't Stay In Window


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Start Warframe; go to any game area where cursor is hidden and mouse moving is supposed to rotate your camera (e.g. orbiter);

2. Go to "Options -> Display" and change 'Display mode' to 'Windowed', close Options;

3. Alt Tab out of Warframe and launch any other app that also locks cursor to game window (e.g. FPS game where mouse moving is rotating your camera), also in Windowed mode;

4. Alt Tab back to Warframe;

Expected result: moving your mouse is rotating your camera, cursor doesn't appear;

Current result: moving your mouse is rotating your camera, once you move it far enough, cursor will appear out of Warframe window. If any mouse clicks will happen in this state they will be handled by OS and Warframe window will be put in background.

Try to fix this, please. It makes the game completely unplayable in Windowed mode. I would spend much more time in Warframe if it could be played in Windowed mode.

PC Windows 10 x64

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