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Nekros PRIME holstered secondary bug.


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6 часов назад, NightmareT12 сказал:

That's on purpose. This is because the leg thingies on Nekros have a hole the pistols can go through, while on Nekros Prime it's solid. So to avoid most clipping DE decided to move the holsters further back.

Doesn't look so. Prime and non prime Nekros have almost same models.

Non prime Nekros


Prime Nekros


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8 часов назад, NightmareT12 сказал:

Again, the tighs rings thingies are hollow on Nekros but have mass on Nekros Prime. It's done to avoid most clipping, since even normal sized guns would be going through.

I really think what it's just bug, sorry.


Frame models here have lots of collisions and weapons hard points still on same places, Nekros seems only exception.

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