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Plague Star hemocyte won't attack


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Every time I run this bounty, the hemocyte AI seems to bug out. It will just stand there and turn side to side without attacking for several seconds. It would only do this for a few seconds at first, but now this bug keeps lasting longer and longer. It used to only happen when the blue scythe head was the only one alive, but now it's also happening at the beginning of the fight when all 3 heads are up. All I can do is wait it out and it's very frustrating. If it helps, I'm soloing with Octavia and mainly use the pyrana prime, redeemer prime, and the amesha. I always check the status of the amesha slow, so it's not a case of me accidentally leaving it on. This bug is happening with the hemocyte moving at its normal speed. Please fix this.

Update:This bug also happens when the green head is the last one alive.

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