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Fixing and simplifying waypoints


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There have been issues with mission waypoints and annotations lately, that don't go away, even though they have been completed. For example the "catastrophic failure" message message in railjack doesn't go away and sometimes the "teammate needs help, opening a door" message stays in the middle of the screen (it goes away, if you miss the window to open the door and doesn't show up if you are quick enough). Also sometimes map markers don't go away or take very long to move. I hope this gets fixed soon.
There is also an issue, where the end of a mission is marked directly, but you have to take multiple tiles in a circle, until you can go directly to the end. This happens very often in the void.

It would be nice, if we could get some simplified waypoints at the same time. Some larger tiles seem to have multiple areas, where waypoints do not only appear at the doors between tiles, but also in the middle. I guess this is to help newer players, but at some point this is just annoying. Sometimes the waypoints even seem to send you around in circles. Even as a newer player, I would rather find the way myself.
Please just give us a marker at the edge to the next tile we have to go to.

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Our minimap and waypoint markers are drunk.

If you don't know the map, and have a weird intuition about the procedural generation, you're totally going to get lost.

Some day, DE will get them into rehab. ..But they (waypoints) need to Want the help first. ❤️ We love you waypoints, I'm sorry they're having a hard time, and we're here for them when they're ready to talk.

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IMO, even Synthesis Target beacons are more accurate, even if they're annoying as all hell. Just use those for extraction and it will be 100% more consistent than what we have. 

Additionally, instead of having a tiny marker on the edge of the minimap, which is also wrong, it should just give the tile in question a green outline. 

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