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Plague Star Drone Keeps Getting Stuck


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I'm really glad that Plague Star is back. I can finally get my Exodia Contagion to Rank 3. 


I am unable to complete this mission solo or with a squad because the Drone in the 3rd phase almost always gets stuck in on something before reaching the boil. (For those wondering: Yes, I am staying within 50m of the drone at all times. I do know it won't progress otherwise.) 

Drone location:


Drone location on map:


Both my friend and I are getting tired of wasting our time and our toxins running though the 1st and 2nd phases, only to be met with this bug (more often than not, sadly) and forced to refresh the mission time and time again. 

PLEASE DE, fix this bug! It's been an issue for ages now! I've seen plenty of other posts that describe the exact same issue with this event mission. Why hasn't it been fixed? Especially when majority of the community is asking you to? It has very well been brought to your attention multiple times by different Tenno!

I really like this event. It has built forma as a reward from Nakak, a trophy for the dojo and special zaw parts that are only obtainable from this event. Please fix this bug. I don't like wasting my time or resources. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

-A very tired Tenno-

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