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Weapon PvP Damage multiplier rounding issue


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If you don't know, weapons have a stat called PvPDamageMultiplier, which as the name states is the damage multiplier applied to the weapon when it is used in PvP.

There is an issue, however, to how this multiplier is applied: the multiplier is applied before the final damage rounding: a mechanic that rounds down the damage of a weapon so that the total damage of the weapon has no decimals. This causes the damage multiplier to do absolutely nothing when applied to low damage weapons.

An example of this bug is the Baza:



As you can see, it has 16 damage and a PvPDamageMultiplier of 1.04. This results in a PvP total damage of 16.64. However, due to rounding the damage ends up being 16, thus losing out on a significant amount of damage. That damage difference would result in a lower ttk by 0.06s against some warframes, which matters in a PvP setting.

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