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Open world integration: hosting standard mission types + extra conditions


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For the sake of integrating PoE and Vallis with the rest of the star chart, would it be possible for them to support standard star chart missions (e.g. elimination) and be eligible for rotating mission conditions (crossfire elimination, void fissure elimination, nightmare elimination, etc.)?

How this could work from a user point of view, taking PoE as an example: a new node branches off the PoE open world node. This new node would be labelled with an existing star chart mission type, and it would be treated as a standard node of that mission type/level when it comes to being affected by invasions, void fissures, nightmares etc. 

Entering this node will drop your party at a random position in the open world. After completing the objective, an extraction point appears near the party host (probably in a random direction but fixed distance).

I'm not sure if all star chart mission types would be suitable for open worlds, but elimination should be a safe bet. Drop somewhere on the map, kill X enemies (which respawn in open worlds already), extract.


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