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After yet another disposal of unwanted mods and items in inventory i just wondered why after... how long... 7 years we still don't have mark as trash option in this game. I mean a complete failure of a game such as Dragon Age 2 has it, but not Warframe.

Yesterday i manually picked up at the very least 100 mods from my inventory and i have to do this after each week, it is especially fun after mods drop chance booster. I want 'mark as trash option', i don't want autosell option, i want exactly 'mark as trash'. All these oberon parts, all these redirections and other stuff. Just give me an option to sell all this trash with a few clicks, i don't wanna waste 5 minutes or more to select them all in order to get rid of them.

Please DE.

Also... why there is still no crafting queue? I have 40 forma bps, i have resources for them, why i can't just put them all in a crafting queue and forget?


So please DE.

1) 'Mark as trash' option for mods and items components.

2) Crafting queue. (it's 2020).


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I like to ignore the large surplus of mods and items i've gathered aslong as i dont one day get forced into dealing with it. Let me hoard it until a moment comes along where its convenient. Like if im waiting for someone ingame and am looking to do something in the meantime.

I dont see automated options as neccesary but i can definitely understand people who want an automated option.

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3 часа назад, (XB1)DA ZACHYZACHY сказал:

Maybe just don’t worry about the mods. Let them stockpile, then enjoy the Endo or credit reward when that special time comes to scrap it all. It’s not like the game stops you from stockpiling them

i like it clean

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