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Sentient anomaly Tileset feedback.


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It sounds great, has some nice scenarios and effects.

It was said that it was made with warframe's movement system in mind, but the lack of walls, long empty rooms and slanted edges make wall hopping, wall latching and fall recovery not possible. It really benefits only bullet jumping or void dashing.

The reassemble pads are interesting, use them as walls too, this could give interesting agency on map control. Perhaps make them change state with void damage.

The environment lacks interesting hazards, just lots of falling holes with edges you can't recover from and the plasma ball? can't remember anything else. Needs more hazards, not necessarily related to damage or positioning reset like the plasma ball and holes, like cold fields and moving obstacles that we can latch on. Much like the new Jupiter tileset use many more hazards and adjustments (like how lower sensor doors occupy most of the space), having them be destructible is also meh, giving too easy a solution.

Alternative paths, shortcuts that use a little puzzle, like the ones in Lua, for long maps.

I expect this Anomaly to be intended as just a taste of things to come. Still, Interactions are cool and can be fun while huge empty rooms (sometimes with little islands) are really lacking! heh.

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