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Selling Materials, Melee Weapon Stuff, And How Much Money It Takes To Buy Things


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Ok, i am new to the forum and am not entirely sure where to put this but... i have more than 30000 of a fair amount of materials but no place to use them, and i have kind of an ocd about it... and more than 100 detonite ampules, which i wont even use, i'm sure that this topic has come up somewhere on the forum but i'm just putting it out there, even if its like 1 credit for 10 salvage and only 2000 for gallium. done with this now for the swords.


Ok so I've been playing for a while and have noticed how rare it is to chop someone in half with swords and was just wondering if the devs wouldn't mind making it easier to do so. as well as the fact that the gram is a bit under-powered unless its suppose to take 3-4 hits to kill one normal guy on kappa...


it costs a lot of platinum for everything, but considering its a free game i probably shouldn't be complaining too much. but 90 plat for only 30000? kind of questionable


Other than that, from what I've seen so far this game is amazing and pure genius. 

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Agreed. All these ampoules and samples are just annoying clutter. Granted, they are still used for future research and clan weapons, but still.


Also, for buying with plat, you pay 15 plats for clan research materials. 15

How is a common item worth more than a rare material?

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