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Railjack transitions to interior/space on host depend on client performance


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We were 4 players in a railjack anomaly ship mission, I was host.

Someone suddenly went AFK and got killed by boarders and stayed dead, after which they returned and said something about their crappy PC, I suspect they had some alt tab freeze issues or something, but it's certainly something that impacted their local performance.

While that happened, my (as host) transitions from RJ to space had a persistent black screen for 10x the duration, I could move in space as I could hear the AW flight sounds and once the blackscreen vanished I would wake up far enough from the RJ to indicate that I was indeed moving.

Then I tried to enter the anomaly ship where the other 2 players were waiting, but I couldn't, the transition started, black screen, yet I was still in archwing judging by the sounds.

As soon as the AFK player returned and self-rev'd all my long black screen transitions and inability to enter the anomaly ship vanished, it was all back to normal.


The other 2 clients couldn't experience this as they were in the anomaly ship before this all happened and they waited there.

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