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Twitch stream overlay.



Hey everyone, welcome to another vid and stream with Firsninjacole, lol. Just kiding, ok ima get down to the real reason I made this. I am a twitch streamer, and now I stream warframe, I have most stuff sorted but is there any warframe overlay for streaming? or chat bot, also alerts. If anyone knows any free chat boxes or alerts. I think I know how to add them thrue OBS but if anyone also knows how, tips and any help would be appriciated.


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I don't know of any specifically but DE do have a pack of artwork, lettering/fonts, sound effects and quotes that you can use.

Also you could record some of the in game elements and crop them down for your alerts as well.

You don't need expensive software to do this either.

Chat bot wise:

For simplicity you could go with Nightbot or the Stream elements bot if your using that service.

Streamlabs Chat bot is quite good and there are scripts for tweeting out your stream being live.

You will have to come up with your own commands for all of these if there was something special you had in mind.

For optimum PC efficiency try using a dual system setup with a capture card.

Unless of course you already have a bazillion terrahertz pc that makes the tea for you.

If your not very arty yourself then there are plenty of artists out there who can do your emotes, logo's and such for you.


Good luck with your streaming endeavour. 😁💖

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