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Negative Energy


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It's getting frequent atm, from time to time in games, my energy will go negative and the numbers will change really fast but will remain negative, this enables me to pick up orbs but i'm unable to use any abilities, when this happens, picking up orbs is a waste because the energy value keeps freaking out.


After some time the value goes to a positive number or even a negative number near 0 (like -2), from there picking up orbs and with the help of energy siphon, the numbers start going into positive.


This appears at the most random times and i have no idea if it's mod related. I have great games with no problems whatsoever, but sometimes this happens and for the duration of the bug i cannot use any abilities.


This image demosntrates the problem, however ingame it's almost impossible to tell which value i'm at since they change so freaking fast




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