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Frequent Game Freezing (FIXED)


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My game has been constantly freezing up and not responding, and won't respond regardless of how long I wait. 
There doesn't seem to be any consistency as to when it freezes up, as it will freeze up even if I'm just in my orbiter. It must've froze up over ten times now. The missions I can remember it freezing in are; Defence, capture, POE (Plague Star) and extermination. It happens regardless of me being solo or in a squad.
The Earliest it started crashing was about an hour before the dev stream started, as I hopped on Warframe to check how soon the stream was starting.
I vaguely remember this happening to me ages ago, and it seemed to eventually stop back then, but I'd really rather not wait as long as I did back then because I have three Warframes crafting and I don't want to miss out on more of Plague Star.

Edit: Optimizing the game cache seemed to have helped. 

Edit 2: Optimizing didn't help. I've tried verifying the game cache and it didn't help, neither did reinstalling the entire game. 

Edit 3: Newest update seems to have fixed it.

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