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Acolytes as Tenno Kuva Liches


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Just a spontanious idea I had. 
Please spare me replies of the likes of "BuT tHeY aRe NoT tEcHnIcAlLy TeNnO".
Just figured it might be a neat way to recycle and old system into a new one. Since Grineer Kuva Liches drop kuva when they are stabbed, for Acolytes this could be replaced with a) a rare chance at their respective acolyte mods or b) a resource which can be traded in at vendors for their mods. 

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8 minutes ago, Drachnyn said:

Would you still let them drop their weapons like regular kuva liches when completely defeated then?

Well they would have to have their own variants but these variants could be Tenno-based without completely destroying what is left of the lore. Faded Gunsen, Faded Reaper, Faded Attica, that sort of thing. 
To reduce RNG with weapons, maybe you could make it so that every Warframe gets assigned a "theme" which is matching to an acolyte.
Angst (Valkyr) would be created if a boss is killed with a squishy frame, Mania (Loki) every time when a boss is killed with a stealth frame etc. and they would always reliably carry the same weapon. Only the elemental % roll would remain random.
And yeah, I said boss because thats when the Stalker would usually be coming after you. The Stalker itself could be, if it ever will be introduced, replaced by a player as it has been shown on a couple of Devstreams already that there already IS a stalker gamemode in the game. Just not accesible to us.
And every time a boss is killed while you already have an acolyte chasing you, their anger level is increased. Increased anger currently causes kuva liches to spawn more commonly.

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