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Vauban Tactical Launcher


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I think Vauban should have a Tactical Grenade Launcher default weapon like Garuda's Claws (basically, don't equip a primary and there it is). Not an exalted weapon, just an optional class tied point of functionality.

Add Tesla Coils to the toolkit, ditch the vector pad. The alt-fire of the TGL should operate like Ivara's arrow-toolkit, allowing for a quicker and perhaps further range to the application of Vauban's toolkit. Moreover, the selected Toolkit ability could change the functionality of how damage is dealt by the TGL: Tesla-standard grenades leave behind an electrified zone similar in function to the Nightwatch Napalm augment, Tether- Forced freeze procs, Puncture Dradle (laugh that's funny)- leaves behind caltrops slowing enemies and can deal slash procs, Overcharge- grenades stay in place and grant shields over time relative to damage instead of dealing damage.

Use the freed up Ability space for a survival mecanic (personal cloak while not moving?)...

While we're here, maybe reconsider the time it takes for the Bastille-vortex-Photon Strike combo...maybe have Photon Strike have the range of Bastille and inherently ignore the armor of CC'ed targets? Just a thought.

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Added additional ideas to grenade functionality.
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Just watch as Vauban won't have it, but suddenly Odalisk will have her time rewind ability changed into a:

9 minutes ago, (PS4)LoneWolf_001 said:

Tactical Grenade Launcher default weapon like Garuda's Claws

I'm mostly joking though. But you never know. That time rewind ability seems a bit too dreamy for Warframe.

Edited by (PS4)Hikuro-93
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