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Kubrow eyes (emissives) not working properly, affects Tang Prime skin too


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Hey there. I have noticed my Kubrow eyes are misbehaving. All my Kubrows (checked through the Stasis menu) seem to feature either a white-ish or black energy color (as if they lacked proper values) when using default or non Prime fur patterns. Additionally, this causes the Tang Prime Kubrow skin to not showcase its blue eyes properly (click the links for pics):

  1. The eyes are turned off (black) by default
  2. They appear (regain the color values) when you enter the fur color menu
  3. They go back to black when you leave the appearance menu or switch appearance tabs
  4. In game, they appear white (as they miss the values) (tested in captura)

This bug does NOT affect the Kavasa skin, as it's behaving properly (thank God).

Hope you guys can fix the culprit soon, doggos deserve beauty 😧

Thanks for your time!

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I've got the same on PS4 with my kavat smeeta. Its eyes used to be yellow but now I've bought a new emplacement of skin and its eyes became blue/black especially for this 4th emplacement... Moreover, buying this emplacement made Warframe entirely crash... So if that bug could be fixed it would be better. I think an emissive color should be added onto pets in order to resolve that issue... 

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