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Warframe Concept [Free Play]


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So today i thought of an idea for something to be added to warframe: Free Play

The idea is that you would have a ship and you would fly around in space shooting enemy ships and raiding towns/cities.


Acsessing Free Play


A new room would be added to the dojo called The Dock. Here you would be able to buy and upgrade your ships.It would have a control panel (where you acsess the ship market) 2 doors; 1 woud be the entrance from the dojo and the other would be the entrance from space. Once you buy and equip a ship you would launch out into space.




Each ship has health, shields, armor, speed, energy level, and oxygen level. It would also have 4 powers. There would be oxygen tanks on the ship. If they are destroyed you die. Each ship would have a certain oxygen level. This would be how long you could last in space. Mods would be able to upgrade this. Each ship would also come with a weapon and, like sentinls, could be put on different ships and modded. Ships could also be coloured.




Corpus and Grineer towns could be found all around the vast free play world. The towns would be a lot like human towns having stores, roads, skyscrapers, banks, houses and much more. You would be able to rob buildings for credits and resources. You would be able to also kill citizens. But be careful not to stay to long or the grineer/corpus armys would come after you. The longer you stay and the more crimes you commit the bigger the army will come after you. If you die you loose everything you looted.


Space Fights


While exploring space you could encounter corpus or grineer patrols. Luckily you have weapons on your ship to engage in battle with the patrols. They would drop resources and credits just like other enemies.



What do you think? Leave your ideas and feedback down bellow.

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I think it's a very good concept; I do find that games which go sandbox though... It's really hard to explain really; for one thing everyone will demand balance in everything, and also queue the crazy people complaining that WarFrame has become too much like X Game (GTA probably would come to mind to many).

Also, many will probably complain you can't fight each other as well. I don't know, I'm in two minds really. But I wouldn't mind seeing something a little less linear introduced into WarFrame.

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