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Dry Dock UI bug when trying to select things to repair.


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In the Dry Dock using the Railjack configuration terminal, you can't select anything under the components menu with a controller.  when you move the cursor over Shield array, Engines, or Reactor and press A it makes a clicking sound, but the menus do not open.  All other menus in the Railjack configuration appear to function normally. 

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I might be able to provide some additional info on this - could help narrow it down. I'm using a steam controller most of the time, but encountered the same glitches using an Xbox One controller as well. I can confirm everything from the OP and I've also made some additional observations. But first, a possible workaround for Steam big picture mode users:


Before starting the game, exit big picture mode. After getting to the Railjack configuration screen, use your mouse to select a slot - this should show the available wreckage with the usual options to equip, repair and scrap it. At this point, the controller should be working normally. If that does not work for you, try launching the game with both the big picture mode disabled and the controller powered off, only enabling it after logging in, then proceed as above.


Now for my observations. There is a slight difference in behavior depending on what item you try to select with the A button. While in the 'components' section, hovering on each of them changes the view to the hovered component (expected). Trying to select any of them plays the sound OP mentioned, however in the case of shields and engines, the view also changes, showing the port turret (but not focusing on it like the turret selection does) together with the selected glyph. No such behavior is observed when trying to select the reactor component or any of the armaments - the view stays as it was. Only shields and engines trigger the view change.

Another interesting thing I managed to observe was when using filters. After using the workaround described earlier to get to the component selection screen for pilot turret, I enabled one of the filters (tested different ones, all seem to work), then exited that screen. At this point I was able to re-enter the same screen using my controller normally, without the need for the workaround. This persisted while I was switching between the two different turret slots as well as all available filters, but got reset to the broken behavior the moment I tried selecting the tycho seeker (possibly because there are no filters available there?). At that point, using the workaround again and enabling any filter for the turret would enable the expected behavior again. The same seems to be the case for the components, except no component resets back to broken behaviour (possibly because all of them have filters?)


One time I also got the filter trick to persist across switching from armaments to components, but unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce that one. Everything described above is consistent though. Hope this helps find the root cause 🙂


Edit: right after posting I had a hunch and I can pretty much confirm this is strongly connected to filters somehow. That one case of switching between armaments and components - it's reproducible as long as same filters are available - meaning, if I select a rank 1 filter and then try to select a slot with no rank 1 items present, it will break. But, if I select a rank 3 filter in armaments and then try to select, say, shields, the expected behavior persists if I happen to own a rank 3 shield!

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