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When i play whit my party in Cetus the eidolon hunt the eidolon vomvalyst don't spoon many times only on the  Teralyst , Gantulyst , Hydrolyst legs and when we knock it down Teralyst , Gantulyst , Hydrolyst and he cries for help to the eidolon vomvalyst and you can't kill them , why can kill the Teralyst , Gantulyst , Hydrolyst why failed so may time the mission , i think it is because of lag because he say that he's ping is bad .
And i wanted to ask  im having same bad drop experience when i was award the 3 day resurce booster (doubles the amount of resources earned from pickups) the drop was good baht when i bay the same 30 day resurce booster the drop of item it not good , when i play arbitratio whit the 3 day boos the end game farm is 40 to 50 Vitus Essence for now is 15 to 20 and the time for play is the same and its not only the Vitus Essence same whit when i farm the nano spors , Polymer Bundle , Plastids etc . In other words is not the same it feelings and see different there more spoon and more to pick up for the 3 day boost and less for the 30 day boos is this normal ?
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