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Camera stuck staring at Nakak but warframe is loaded into the Plains


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So I was in a squad ready to do some plague star and thought I'd take a quick look at Nakak's wares for the event just before we start the mission. Everybody had ticked to accept and the mission starts counting down.

I exited from the store probably just as the countdown hit zero...and my camera is stuck on the standing screen, but after trying to reset it (pause unpause, home screen and back etc) I realise I can still move my warframe, and my HUD is displayed. I get to the gates using my map to navigate thinking "Weird bug but no problem, I'm sure it will reset when we load into the plains."

Nope. Situation was the same except now I was in the Plains, camera still looking awkwardly at Nakak.

Screenshot here

I would've just aborted to my orbiter, but since I was host I didn't want to put them through host migration because that can be really annoying when it happens, buggy as it can be. So the rest of my squad proceeds to do a full run (4 Hemocytes, max level enemies) leaving me waiting by the gates for 30 minutes bunny hopping as Wisp so the Thumper that found me would leave me alone...

Figured at least I'd still get the standing right? Unfortunately no... When we all extracted I only got a measly 600-and-something standing... I guess I had to be in affinity range? Which is also kinda stupid in my opinion, but that's another topic.

Please fix this DE.

Sincerely, a player

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