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Would it really kill you for plaguestar to also give Ostron reputation?


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Reminds me of how they did the Vox Solaris quests.  You have to completely max-rank the faction standing in Solaris United to even have access, and then you get a little backroom thing with the big players and Little Duck.

Each of the quests gives 1000 standing, which is a tiny amount.  Does it give standing with Vox Solaris, the secretive faction you just got access to?  No, screw that.  It's with the one you already maxed, but much much less than you'd get for running the old quests.  If you want to rank Vox Solaris, you need to go randomly grind for drops to hand-in, not do missions for them, stupid.

It's similar to how they don't want to give you another way to level Quills I guess.

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7 hours ago, (PS4)Black-Cat-Jinx said:

At literally like 1000 a pop, its not not going to be that big of a deal. at least then im working on literally /any/ other gameplay objective instead of just obsessively grinding for forma.

You wanna know why this is a super bad idea, two words: daily standing.

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