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Failed to create session plz try again


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After completing a mission and going back to orbiter or host migration when I start a new mission I get plz try again and can’t load a game unless I play solo it started up since the release of empyrean. At first it would happen every so often but now it every time I need to restart to game every time I finish a mission now and when this happens chat is also broken for me failed to connect to chat. So far haven’t heard anyone else with this issue and none of my friends are experiencing it. Have checked all my connections and everything is working properly even went as far as uninstalling the game and reinstalling it to try to fix it but no luck. One thing about railjack not everybody can sees the healing bubble that the crewship fires to some people it invisible 

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I have the same Issue in combination with other problems like.
I can't sometimes purchase stuff in a Dojo (Errormessage something like: Failed to purchase you have not been charged)
It on other occasions it doesn't save the stuff I got from Missions. (Can't recall if I get en Error Message). But the other players are showed correct and it doesn't feel laggy or something like this.

And the only thing they have in common is the Errormessage that was mention above when I try to open my Navigation map.

I can solve the problem by restarting the game but the Items (in case of a mission) are lost.

The Internet connection seams fine bc I can listen to Spotify, use Discord and use the Steam overlay Internetbrowser and Firefox without any Problems.
The Problem occured between 8 and 24 o'clock MESZ.

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