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hello everyone, I propose a quality life improvment that should make the factions more galvanizing and more user frendly than when they are not now.

1: Loyalty system that scraps the horrible glyph system.
Instead of using glyphs for the reputation I propose a system of loyalty (I think of an irreversible decision that gives more sense of belonging, let me know).
The choice is very simple, New Loka - Red Veil - Perrin Sequece or Steel Meridian - Cephalon Suda - Arbiter of Hexis.

like fb gratis

Once the faction / alliance is chosen, the reputation will begin to rise passively. The points remain unchanged but instead of using the daily points only on one faction, they will be used on the whole alliance without split (ex 20000 general cap = 20k for perrin, 20k new loka, 20k red veil)

2: New rewards (also on a weekly basis).
Weapon exilus adapters have recently been added to the rewards, well, I wonder why not put the bp forma too? Since forma are needed to make exilus adapters ...
Among the rewards I also think of universal medallions, which made it possible to buy them with an indecent drop, people can buy them with their accumulated reputation, also passively solving the problem for those who already have everything. I at MR28 willingly spend my points on medallions so as not to waste my daily points. (Let me know here too).
The weekly rewards still don't spare what to put on (cosmetics,ephemeras,weekly supplies,booster, however, that brings interest in choosing which particular faction., I don't know), given that by putting a weekly tour the factions start to get even more interesting.

I hope I have not forgotten anything, thanks and look forward to constructive comments.

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