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A few QoL suggestions that popped up during the Xmas break


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1. Identical mods (= same mod at the same rank) should form an "identical mod"-pool, removing the error message and the need to switch them around when using the same mod on several equipped weapons (or press the auto-solve button, which mixes things up even more). In other words, as long as you have enough identical mods (same mod & same rank), the game should ignore on which weapon they are equipped. For players using lots of weapons and builds, the whole problem of having to switch identical mods around is a completely unnecessary grief.

2. The "hide owned"-option in the market (and elsewhere) should be paired with a "hide crafted"-option (or combined into a "own bp and/or item"-option instead). Currently the game shows that you do not own the blueprint if you have used the blueprint to craft the item, which of course is completely true but somewhat misleading. And for weapons, warframes and all kinds of stuff you only need one (crafted) item from, what is gained by a function that ONLY allows you to hide extra blueprints?

3. Allow the Omni Tool to either be itself or have a placeholder in the gear wheel "always". This would allow you to use the same F1-F12 hotkey to use it. Currently you can achieve this by removing an item from the gear wheel before a Railjack mission (which automatically places the Omni in that slot), but this empty place then messes up adding other stuff to the gear wheel. Allowing the Omni Tool (or a placeholder) to be in the gear wheel continuously would solve all such problems (and allow hotkey utilization).

4. The ability for 2 players to voluntarily switch weapons for a short while (3 min?) during missions would be a really nice add-on, allowing both for testing weapons and builds. This would be very beneficial to newer players, as they could try out weapons they do not yet have. Usage of this ability could be limited in different ways to stop abuse, like only once per player per hour and per mission. MR locks could be implemented or not (not implementing them would be my preference, as it would be really nice for lower MR players to briefly test high MR weapons).

5. The Nightwave post-30 bonus NW standing reward should rank up the higher you go, as the current flat 15 extra standing is a wet blanket destroying interest in Nightwave missions. Nightwave is actually working quite nicely as a concept, but as soon as you reach the final 30th reward it turns into "how long shall this totally non-motivating wet blanket drag go on...". This creates a game system conflict between players needing Nightwave to continue in order to to be able to get to the 30th reward (and that mechanic now works fine) and players that have all the rewards and "everything" in the NW shop as well as access to other ways of getting kuva, catalysts & reactors that are far more rewarding (than the 15 standing). Introducing kuva and some new skins was a nice touch, but mostly for burning up the standing gathered up to the 30th reward, not so much for engaging in Nightwave bonus missions at 15 standing a pop. Just as an example of a reward system rankin up: if you started the reward at 12 and added only another 2 NW standing per rank, it might actually be enough to become motivating. At bonus rank 10 you would get 30 standing (instead of 15), at rank 20 you would get 50 and so on. If you slavishly do just about every NW mission you can reach bonus rank 30, which would net you a total of 1230 NW bonus standing (instead of 450 with the current "flat 15"-system), not huge increase, but still...


Finally, once again thanks for the game. Sounds silly, but it really is true. We had some new players coming in during Xmas, and helping them get started sort of opens your eyes once again to the massive and complex content that exist within Warframe. It really is an outstanding game.

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