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Cetus Tridolon bounty not completing


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The "Teralyst, Gantulyst and Hydrolyst" bounty does not progress if you insert the shard for the successive phase before the bounty update notification has shown up, resulting in a non completed quest even if you actually manage to capture the Hydrolyst. This can happen way more often than you'd expect because it takes quite a few seconds, even after the body of the Eidolon has disappeared, for the quest to catch up (which is kinda strange since whether you kill or capture the Eidolon is decided when his hp reach 0 cause after that point the lures stop taking damage).

This probably went undetected for a lot of time because most of those who do Tridolon don't need cetus standing, organised group hunt without the bounty and public group are often slow on the altar so the bug never shows up, but I've just started to farm rep for exodia arcanes (I got everything else a long time ago and now realised I still don't have them) and I mostly run solo tridolon so I had this happen a few times.

I know the simple answer is to wait for a while if I want the standing but Eidolon hunts are essentially speedruns and maybe wasting that extra 1/1.5 minute every run determines how many tridolons in a night you can do; moreover this looks like an easily fixable bug so if you could it'd be great.

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