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Operator Secondaries


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Technically speaking both your Scaffold and your Void Blast could be considered "secondary" weapons to your Amp Prism's "Primary".

Having said that though I could easily see the Operator getting an off-hand Amp that augmented your Void Blast in various ways so long as they stacked with certain Focus Tree skills that did the same. I have seen some people asking for melee weapons; I could see it being focused to behave more like a combo-favorable melee strike.

Mostly though I feel it's a matter of damage/status scaling holding Operator mode back- I understand it's not meant to outshine Warframes in any way, but I feel like there should be more benefit to switching to Operator mode and laying down some Void damage other than resetting Sentient resistances or harming Eidolons. Perhaps if entering Operator mode did not interrupt an ongoing reload animation on your Warframe?

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32 minutes ago, Eidolor said:

To clarify, I mean secondaries like Akjagara and Ballistica. I want our modded pistols in those tiny frail hands.

Assuming they ever are introduced I'd much rather have a melee weapon with the gild mechanic rather than modding, basically what @AirMaskNinja said. Operators have their uses but are still wildly underused by most people, the solution to this isn't giving them the weapons Warframes wield but giving them something that solidifies them as an asset in any given situation. I personally think they are in a good place right now, the void schools grant enough benefits to merit their use a few times per mission and I honestly don't think they need an additional amp in the form of a secondary. We are in desperate need for more amp pieces, the current ones are getting stale. We need something to beat out x27 and I don't think Eidolon hunters would be against power creep considering the recent Itzal nerf slowing down most runs (I personally haven't run any since nerf so if there is a newer close to as fast method without spamming energy pads and void dash then plz let me know)

Edit: Also to the point that they don't do enough damage, they really aren't meant to. Operators exist purely as utility as I understand it.

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