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Kavat disappears in orbiter and mods unequip


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About 50% of the time I return from a mission and I'm in the orbiter my kavat will appear for a split second, then vanish. If I go to Arsenal>companion, the screen pans over to the incubator with nothing there and a message saying "this item has not loaded yet, please wait a bit longer", and it never loads. This happens so consistently that this must be a bug. What's more, sometimes this sequence will un-equip all mods from my kavat and there is no way to re-equip them. The only way to restore my kavat is to either reboot the game, or go on a mission where the kavat has no mods and hope that when i return i can re-equip them.

I have a kubrow and a sentinel and this has never happened to either of them.

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