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Leader Board Glitch?


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I understand this is stupid, but I have recently really started to enjoy my progress up the Leader board and have started to check it every few missions, kind of an enjoy able thing to see ever few missions shooting up a few ranks, anyways there use to be no issue and id see my progress and regress when i didn't play for a while, but after U10 the LB has been glitchy all get out, i took a picture of before I Speed ran M Prime and got myself 7 kills and after, somehow 7 kills shot me up 5000 ranks in the leader board, take a look, (I mashed the pictures together to make them into one much smaller picture.




Just wondering if I'm the only one, and if this is a known bug. I understand this isn't a big deal.




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Haha, Its true though, I just know which missions give you a ton of stuff along with a ton of kills, it took me two months to get the first 90k kills, its taken me two weeks to get the other 65k, haha. A lot of luck, and a good chunk of skill.

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I've noticed that as soon as the survival leaderboard first came out, I was Number 1 in the world for it :3



But no, in all seriousness, even now and quite a little in the past, I'd check the leaderboards for survival on Pluto or Neptune, and there were people who'd survived 140 days or 275 days, or something rubbish like that; the problems seem to have become less common, but it'll be interesting to see what happens to my kills rank, I'm only 300 or so kills off you:


So I don't know how that works...

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