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Matchmaking keeps putting me into maps I dont queue for


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I just queued for a kuva flood, didn't pay much attention to what it was beforehand. It was ambulas. While waiting the 20+ minutes for it to finish itself, I noticed the host had queued for a different thing: Kuva Siphon. The enemies were low level and I got to spend 20 minutes for 1200 Kuva, which is kind of annoying. So I figured I would just do the real kuva flood afterwards, it was ambulas again. Do you remember what happens when you queue for ambulas? It takes 20 ambulas tokens or whatever every time you queue.

This started happening after Railjack. Something happened to move the merging that kuva lich maps had off of the lich maps and onto invasion, kuva flood/siphon, and the other maps that share that number in the code. I tried doing an invasion a while ago and kept getting put into the wrong map, one I had already cleared 3/3.

This bug also makes it nearly impossible to find a party for doing kuva lich stuff, because now they need to be queueing for the exact same map I was.

It's pretty easy to test, have someone host an invasion map, and then have someone else queue for one on the same planet but not the same map.

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