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the werewolf moon hunter Lican although it has not yet appeared, the conflicts on the moon have awakened him to protect her again, lican is ready to smash his enemies with his immense impact and cutting force Life: 660 at level 30 shield: does not have armor: 300 at level 30 energy: 350 at level 30 passive: Awakening the beast: moving constantly makes me alert, making him sniff out nearby enemies, killing enemies constantly increases his movement speed by 35% first ability: At the speed of the monster, Lican advances forward by 6 meters using his claws for cutting damage, killing enemies with this ability keeps the passive active, expending energy 30 second skill: lycan howls scaring enemies within 15 yards, energy cost 70 third skill: Alpha: Protects your allies or better your pack by reducing enemy damage by 30% against your allies, if you have no lican ally advances on an enemy in the direction of the crosshairs by throwing it against the ground and causing a small damage to area and unbalancing nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds, energy cost 50 fourth skill: Lican's fury, Lican gets enraged entering a total combat state using his brute force and his claws and prices to smash enemies, cause damage recover his health by 15%, in that state Lican is out of control doing damage done on your back are increased by 30% as it is very large, use 1 and 2 to prevent being killed and regain your life using 4 together with passive movement speed, ultimate 5 energy cost per second

Sorry for not being well organized, I was in a hurry

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26 minutos atrás, kapn655321 disse:

Ou seja, você é apenas uma quinta pessoa este mês com esse conceito. XD
Pressione a barra de pesquisa em parte superior dos fóruns, você verá ou deseja dizer.
O último foi bom em referência e inspirado em alguns dos outros conceitos nesse sentido.

the more people talking the more the chances of becoming an officer

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