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After you reconnect to the squad after crash, do you recover the lost items and reputation?




My PC crashed thanks to overheat, then I restarted and went to warframe asap, I was doing 10 rounds of plague star event and I was able to reconnect to my squad because they waited. Then after I reconnect I checked the last mission information and I didn't see the items I got, neither the reputation. So we just extracted and nothing.

I want to know if this happens, are you able to recover the reputation and items you got before the crash? Does the game saves it everytime I restart the contract of plague star from outpost? I can't tell from the reputation I have because I forgot how much I had and how much I got from those 10 rounds (maybe 34k or something)



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Yup you lose everything.  If you reconnect u start at 0.  Which is amazing because the game should know exactly what you had done prior to dropping.  

The worst is if you were leveling stuff in an endless mission.  You could have went from 0-20 in the first 3 rounds and then get drop and when you come back all your crap is level 0 again.


I very rarely have actually drops in connection....  whats far far more likely is jerk off hosts dropping or leaving on purpose which can make you lose all your progress.  Getting back to the mission is most likely but there are times when you cant be reconnected to your mission and you just get kicked back to your ship.  

I ran a random group for Plague Star yesterday after doing it flawlessly with several groups before.   After we killed Lephantis the host bails so he doesnt have to wait on people to get to the gate even though we all have blink,  So I suffer through a host migration only to he the next guy bail from the mission to forcing another host migration.  Luckily I made it to the gate but jesus.   

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