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Umbra echoes

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Are we ever going to see this reward be added to the game? I like the concept of it although the temporary nature of it could be changed. Since disruption makes for good relic farm but getting the worthless piece of junk that is the universal medallion (it's useful for conclave but that thanks to gate keepers that was ruined). I would want another worthwhile reward to get so I'm not disappointed when i don't get a relic

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55 minutes ago, DrivaMain said:

Why not? a consumable that allows the warframe to be autonomous would be nice. Helps operator survivability because the warframe draws aggro and a reason to play operator for once.

The issues include the following:

  1. A.I. in general is trash, If Wukong`s Celestial Twins & Equinox`s Duality Augment clones did not have Damage boosts on top of using your OWN weapons, they would be severe garbage. Just like how Specters are since you have not much way to control them besides telling them to stay in place or not, They are not exactly smart with abilities either, which IF D.E. properly designed, could let them be absurdly busted at easy C.C. measures and what not.
  2. The way it was going to be introduced was farming a low drop rate resource which got REGULATED to the Lua focus lens, which is kind of Asine to obtain due to all the crafting steps just to make a single one, when Eidolon lenses were already pushing it. Having to farm for a TEMPORARY or Consumable type item that did not yield at the very minimum, 10 or even 30 charges per craft, would be the same gag as Specters, utterly useless without something UNIQUE to bring to the table.
  3. Honestly i am kind of just repeating myself but umbratization is literally just specters, The only difference would be that you would be stuck in operator mode for it to be `active`, which means you are clutching yourself in the foot. Because not much reason even exists to use operators outside of a few extremely minor utility functions, they are garbage in DPS in regular content, Especially mid-high content, where likely said things could be used. Throw in the fact that you lose Item/Enemy radar soon as you go into operator mode, Operators in general are squishie as fk without insane amounts of focus point investments and Void Damage is TRASH against armored units, the norm unit most people have to deal with and Amps have no MODS of thar own, which would be the only way Operator Amps could deal half-decent damage against enemies.
  4. Again on the matter of Operators, Void Damage has nothing going for it, besides a Auto-reset proc against shadow stalker & sentinent Damage resistance and damaging eidolon shields. Void damage, even if it got treated as TRUE damage, meaning it would have no D.R. affect it at all, the damage values would likely still be piss poor compared to the idea of just using a shotgun or a Opticor or a Lenz or a *insert your favorite weapon here*, instead because the values they have will always out-weigh amps, because amps have no modding system, where MOST of the damage for weapons actually come from.

Overall, Without a over-haul on A.I. design for the specters, D.E. would need to get a serious reason just for the BASE version of umbratization to be good at all. Which unless its able to be better at DPS then i am, effective use of warframe abilities like i am and not spam useless abilites like i make sure not to do. Then Umbratization was a dumpster fire before D.E. even teased us the Sacrifice questline itself.

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