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Gauss Tennogen Helmet (Sentai)


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I just wanted to throw this idea out there if no one has really thought of it yet. I think it'd be a dope addition, also considering Gauss has basically no options currently for cosmetics other than the mag helmet which im not super fond of, whereas I'm actually super cool with the way his body looks

i apologize for my terrible handwriting and crappy art, I have basically no artistic talent whatsoever


Basically the ideaa is that when he goes into redline, as opposed to his usual mustache, flames could vent out of the areas in black, so it would look something like this

the "antennae" would fold up and the vents on his face could fold slightly inward, kinda like an air conditioner or something, and the one spine by his forehead would fold outward


also, is this even the proper place to post just a concept?

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crappy art, also typo + question
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21 hours ago, Commander said:


also, is this even the proper place to post just a concept?

Not really. Concepts that are not being worked on to be an in-game asset [AKA modelling] go in the Fan Zone part of the forum.

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