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Hey everyone, I hope you all are having a good day! I dont come here often as I'm kinda nervous about meeting a giant community, let alone sharing what I have in store. So this is a story about a character that I've been creating for awhile now and I REALLY want to see what people think about it (This is the doc to the character). Some of you dont want to scroll through pages upon pages of a character and that's fine! Allow me to briefly explain my character "Valerie". She used to be adopted by a Dax and a tailor as she was abanded by her biological parents. The reason not yet known. She was raised by her "mother" who always taught her how to become nice and caring. Val was nice, but shy at the same time. Her introvert self got her in trouble by other students, causing her "father" to train her in self defense. She then became disrespectful as not only training with her "father" proved to be very stressful, but not letting go of the past was always the scar that broke the camel's back. Val was rebellious and believed that her mom was stupid, despite her "mother" caring for her and doing everything she could to make her happy or grateful about the stuff she had. She was sent to bootcamp by her parents in Hopes of getting her out of her rebellious state, but it did far more harm than good. Due to unfortunate events and threatened to keep a dark secret, she stopped caring for everything except for one thing: to kill her father for making her suffer. 


That's all I can type for today. I hope to hear from other peeps! Peace!

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