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Eudico uncanny valley (SU max rank spoilers)


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Even ignoring the head-in-torso thing, something about Eudico's face is very creepy to me. I think it's mostly her eyes, and how she always seems to stare straight ahead no matter which way she is facing.

IMO she would look much less creepy if her eyes focused on a single point, like the camera. She could also sometimes shift her gaze slightly like people do in real life when looking at something for a long time.


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Part of it is probably the lack of eye glossiness, if you use the syndicate menu on your ship they're pretty matte and don't reflect any light. Her irises are also pretty big. I think she does have eye darts/shifts because sometimes when I speak to her she seems to look over to something further to the right than my character is standing and then back again. Some more life in that aspect could really improve the experience of talking to her. I can't actually recall if she blinks while speaking, either 

(there's a spoilers tag you can mark these kinds of threads with in the thread edit/creation menu btw)

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