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Caballero Railjack Skin bug and Railjack Pilot Weapon bug


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  • Both of them not working properly since the release of the railjack .For pilot guns weapon itself always staying outside of the weapon cover doors of caballero skin . Here are the some screenshots





  • And what ever weapon type you choose you alway see the basic weapon but in trailer of empyrean and in devstream 134 we can clearly see weapons types have their own appreances Here are some screen shots for that:unknown.png


  • You can see in this screen shots pulsar has its own look but in reality all weapons have the same model for pilot.


  • And this is a screen shot from epyrean journey ahead video from official youtube channel of the warframe. Especially this weapon model does not exist for neither for side gun nor for pilot.

    Please fix this issue and have a nice day
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