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No I'm not talking about Kubrow caged matches!

I posted this in General Feedback since it really wasn't about Conclave, but after thinking more and more about it I'd really like to see a variant of Railjack brought to Conclave.

The idea originally was to make our landing craft "battle ready" by researching an Installment through the Drydocks. It would basically be like the enemy fighters but we'd have the skin of whatever we had equipped be it Liset, Xiphos, or whatever. Comes stocked with starter turrets you get when first started Railjack, but interchangable with others that can be built. 


Anyway that's the PvE side of things, doesn't have to be as complicated in Conclave. I just think it would be fun to dogfight Ace Combat style in our Lisets against one another. 

Even lock a new landing craft (not skin) only obtainable with Conclave standing behind it. I know I for one would actually be interested in this style of PvP.

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8 hours ago, Kontrollo said:

Anyway, just one question: any reason why you made this proposal about the Liset and not Railjack and/or Archwing?

Movement. Judging by observation of how fighters move compared to the railjack and archwings differs drastically. Railjack you got to worry about ship ruptures and it also would be a bigger target. Archwings in there current state you'd have Ameshas camping inside their bubbles. With fighter crafts it's just deal damage/explode, simple and uncomplicated. No extra buttons or firing modes, just fly and shoot.

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