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Railjack beginner's Guide??



Are there any  👍 recomened 👍 guides for Railjack Noobs? 

I've done 'some' reading & videos, but... Shirley, there's some better info out there than I've seen so far....I welcome any starting advise from the community, but especially links to appreciated guides or videos.

Thanks!  :redveil:


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The first steps you should do are:

1. Pick a PUB run as free taxi. Conquer all Earth nodes. Do not mind any Mk I part, just scrap them all !

2. Level up any intrinsics to rank 3 (requirement) and conquer all Saturn nodes. Do not mind any Mk II part, just scrap them all !

3. Level up that rank 3 intrinsics to rank 7 (requirement) to have access to Veil node.

4. From Veil, you have lots of chances to get Mk III components and weapons for Railjack which are the only parts you should focus on. They require lots of Titanium and Asterite. From Earth to Veil make sure you smash and grab all "yellow" asteroids.

5. While running Veil, make sure to read carefully and meticulously about 3 things of Railjack: Components, Armaments, and Avionics on Wiki. Feel free to ask us in another topic if you have any question that the wiki did not have the info you need.

P/s: Avionics are like mods on warframes and weapons. Info about where they drop, which enemy is all on the webpage, although the webpage has a few missing info, feel free to ask about that too.

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Random thoughts, in no particular order:

In terms of intrinsics I consider Tactical 4, Gunnery 2, and Engineering 1 to be basic "I can play this mode now" levels.

Gunnery 2 lets you use the side guns on the railjack in full 360 degree mode rather than being stuck on one side. Tactical 4 lets you jump back to the Railjack from anywhere (including while downed if you have your Omni-tool on hotkey). Engineering 1 doubles your repair speed. After that, choose whatever you like, but as @D above said - get something to rank 7 as soon as possible to get into Veil public games.

If you can find someone to sponsor you through the content then fly their RJ through each of the Earth/Saturn nodes so you unlock them all.

When you try to repair your MkIII stuff you will be short on Titanium and Asterite. Mining in the Earth nodes is boring but lucrative for both those resources.

Almost every RJ I've seen blazing through Veil content has a Particle Ram and, more importantly, a Void Hole avionic. Particle Ram turns on a glowing field at the front of the ship that does damage over time to any enemy within it, Void Hole launches a vortex (that you can trigger by pressing "3" again) that slows, damages, and sucks inwards all the little fighters. Hit them ball of them with a single missile to finish them off.

Take something survivable - the enemies on foot, even in the low-level missions hit HARD. Take something that can hit hard - my choice is a hammer or two-handed nikana or something like that built for Heavy Attack (Corrupt Charge means heavy attacks always do double damage).

Once you have one intrinsic to 7 then you want to find people to PUG with. I find either the sentient anomaly if it's up or Gian Point usually has someone running it with space to fit another member in.

I'm sure there's more, but that's a start.

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