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so far only in Hydron... character ability/weapon lockup - Solved internet issues


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Yesterday was the first time I have seen this problem, I was re-leveling Wukong Prime after a forma and several missions I could not pull out a weapon or use an ability, no transference, but I could run around and collect items.....

today I was leveling Limbo Prime, still in Hydron, I was able to use Operator mode but nothing else.  Limbo was unable to collect items or use weapons or abilities.  No abilities active and no buffs present.  Operator mode was able to collect items.

I'm sure this is not working as intended. 

each time this began after using an ability. and only in hydron.

I have noticed before that it seems like you can drop a weapon for a little while, no debuffs present.  Is this a thing as well???  I am unable to use the weapon for some reason for a short time.  Yesterday on Plague Star I wasnt able to use any weapon but could use abilities.  I am not sure if this is related to the other bug I have been having.

Thank you.


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ok, just did the patch.  now it just happened without casting 1 ability!  what is going on?????

no other limbo's in the group...


DE-Sync issue? this might be my internet.  seems that I have jitter on my line.  will update. Average Jitter: 16.32ms

now the same test says 0 packet loss 1 ms jitter which is good.  I really hope this is not a working on and off thing.

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