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27.0.12 Railjack controller still broken


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Xbox 360 controller, all default mappings, no steam interference.

Pilot reticle still has no sensitivity adjustment with instant snapback.

Still can't access Tactical map using RB+Left_DPAD

Vector maneuvers and drift maneuvers are still goofy; forced to used a downward vector maneuver at all times


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Can confirm.. likewise NOTHING has been changed so I'm perplexed when the patch note introduced all these "fixes" in regards to the controller support on PC.

It's been around 3 weeks now and still unable to use boost/vector maneuvers with its respective button and opening ability menu will lock your interface in that state.


RJ has been receiving a lot of mixed reviews from various users, it would be nice for some of us who appreciated the said content with positive feedback to not be turned down over something like this.

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