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Tired of the worn out and scuffed look that is creeping in to the game


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Many of the warframe skins, the orbiter and the brand new hanger you build in your dojo now have worn and pocked marked surfaces with large scuff marks on them.  And in many cases in crazy places like on the vaulted ceilings o.O.  I thought I was playing a space themed game with advance tech.  But instead it seems like I am playing Fallout and everything has been left out to rot and rust for 200 years in the elements.  Which a newly built hanger room and the orbiter that you can paint and decorate shouldn't look like a depression era machine shop, unless that is how you paint and decorate it.  Old and Junky should be an option and not a requirement.  

A number of the warframe skins look just as bad, I have stop using a number of skins due to the changes made to them.  If I found the frame out in the elements instead of building it I could maybe see it but then again frames can be healed and recolored with ease yet those large scuff marks and scratches remain. Some metal on the frames even look like it was cheaply coated and is pealing and losing it chrome or gold plating like a pawn shop ring.   

This new art style isn't very logical to me nor desirable to me.  I maybe the minority with this opinion but I still want to state my opinion. 



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well with regards to your orbiter and railjack you can adjust the wear and tear in the customization menus. as far as skins go if you don't like them don't use them.


also if you pay attention to the lore at all the orbiter and railjack were both left to rot for a long time be for we recovered them. also the lore tells us that this is a post space apocalypses setting(oldwar, fall of the orokin empire, etc) so it kind of is space fallout.

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From a preferential standpoint I can understand where you're coming from, but I rather like the worn looks in most cases.

What I don't understand is how you can play this game for any length of time and still possibly think that, thematically, anything in the game that is non-Corpus wouldn't look damaged or worn out in some way. Everything in the game is in some way displaying some form of entropy or decay. Whether it's the very obvious and in your face literal falling apart of the Grineer, the slow and creeping infection of everything that is touched by the infested, or the metaphorical decay of morality and humanity that is the theme of the late-stage capitalism of the Corpus, everything about this game screams of the breaking down and wearing out of anything you may come across in your time playing. 

One more thing. This art style isn't "new" to the game. Just glance at the background image of this forum that you're on right now and you will easily be able to see that Loki and Ember, two of the earliest warframes created for the game, both bear many scuffs, scratches, and scrapes.

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