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Warframe Concept: Horologium (Updated!)


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HOROLOGIUM (hor-roll-oh-gee-um)

This is an updated version of a kit I posted for the same Warframe concept roughly a year ago, I wanted to just edit that, however the post was archived lol. Here it is for comparison: 

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Base Statistics

Health - 300 at Max Rank

Shields - 225 at Max Rank

Armor - 125

Energy - 225 at Max Rank

Sprint Speed - 1


Horologium gives himself and allies an innate bonus of 25% duration on applicable abilities

  • Additionally, any time Horologium and allies cast abilities, they gain a short burst of movement speed

1st Ability - STRIKE 12

Upon first tap-casting this ability, Horologium creates 12 Clock Hand Blades that revolve in a circle around him:

  • As they spin around Horologium, these blades damage and interrupt enemies they come in contact with

This ability also has a few recasting/hold-casting options:

  • Tap-casting to reactivate this ability will have Horologium launch one of the blades at a target enemy, damaging and anchoring them for a duration
    • This anchor is effectively a stun
  • Hold casting to reactivate will have Horologium create a singular sweeping clock hand in a 360 degree area around him
    • This attack has infinite enemy punch through and is guaranteed to proc slash

Additional Notes:

  • Each cast of spawning the spears, individually launching them, or the hold-cast function procs Horologium’s passive
  • These blades:
    • Last until all are expended
    • Scale off of equipped melee mods
    • Deal bonus damage to enemies affected by Horologium's abilities

2nd Ability - CHRONOSHIFT

Horologium distorts time in an area around him:

  • Enemies within the area:
    • Receive a heavy slow to all action speeds
    • Lose a percentage of their armor, shields, and/or health over time
  • Allies within the area:
    • Receive a heal over time
    • Gain an increase to their fire rate as well as instant reload time
    • Have a percentage of energy spent on their abilities refunded to them

Augment Concept: Chronoshift Resurrection

  • If allies are downed within the effective area of Chronoshift, they are instead instantly revived with a percentage of their health and shields restored, however Horologium suffers a substantial energy cost
    • Repeated downs within a window of time will reduce the percentage of health and shields restored
    • The energy refund portion of the base ability does apply to this revive cost

3rd Ability - HALT

Horologium sends forth a future version of himself to a target location for a duration:

  • Once the clone reaches its destination, Horologium and the clone summon the deafening ring of a clock tower bell, which instantly puts enemies within range to sleep
    • At the end of the duration, Horologium and the clone create a burst of temporal energy that damages all enemies within range
      • Reactivating this ability allows Horologium to detonate the energy early
      • Hold casting to reactivate this ability allows Horologium to teleport to the clone's location regardless of how far he is from it at the time, causing the burst to happen when he arrives

Additional Notes:

  • Both the initial activation and the potential reactivation count as separate casts for Horologium’s passive
  • Damage from Horologium's attacks and abilities will not awaken enemies
  • If Chronoshift is cast while this clone is active, it will apply the effects of the ability to all allies and enemies within the area of effect created by the clone

4th Ability - CONVERGENCE

Horologium reaches through his own timeline, summoning a version of himself from the past to fight with him.

Upon cast, a clone of Horologium will appear next to him:

  • Copies his equipped weapon at the point of casting
    • Deals 100% of Horologium’s equipped weapon damage
  • Copies casts of Horologium’s other abilities
    • The time clone will gain the revolving blades from Strike 12 and will launch a blade at the same target as Horologium; will also copy the sweeping blade attack of Strike 12
    • Copies a Chronoshift field in an area around his current location
      • Same for Halt, including the temporal burst
  • Reactivating this ability while the clone is still active will allow Horologium to switch places with it, regardless of distance
    • Hold casting will deactivate the ability, closing the timeline and dissipating the clone
  • If Horologium receives fatal damage while this clone is active, he will instead switch timelines with the clone, reviving himself and allowing it to die in his place
    • This ability is then deactivated and will need to be recast
    • Horologium gains a brief period of invulnerability if this effect procs
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