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Wisp noble and agile animations gone mad with some melee weapons for me.


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Hi there, today i used Wisp just for fun and i found a wierd bug.

In short, now i not remember the upgrade add the floating movement when you have the melee weapon drawn, anyway, for some reason i used the redeemer for a bit maybe an hour and everythings was fine, after that i swap warframes for do something else and then i decide to use again wisp and here the bug, now when i running with her she look like holding the melee weapon like she have an hammer and the redeemer prime is in the middle of his hands and she no more floating but running like before the upgrade. Olso with all nikanas she have some wierd problem when running or walking with nikana they aren't in the right position of his hands.Somebody else having this issues with wisp. I like wisp is a shame a can't no more use redeemer with her cause this wierd animation bugs.

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srry if i answer right now i had problems with my dad,

Anyway i saw many ppl having this issues with Sns(sword and shield) even with the silva & aegis.Is wierd im realy sad ,can't use wisp with her good crown control shock with redeemer and her animation set move after patch it olso making many troubles with other stuff like you said in your reply.This is realy bad.

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