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Bugs with Shedu and Archwing in open world areas


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When using archwing and Shedu in an open world area (Plains/Vallis) a few bugs occur:

-Shedu has no firing animation when used. The shots appear to originate from the barrel as per usual but the tenno doesn't actually raise an arm to aim and shoot

-When switching from Shedu to the secondary weapon or vice versa, shooting, aiming, blinking, and barrel rolling are disabled. This control lock persists even when switching back to the Shedu. Only way to regain control is to dismount and re-enable the archwing.

Exiting the archwing plays the shedu equipping animation (where the arm whips to the side as the shedu materializes) and gives back control so i'm assuming since there are no shedu animations for archwing yet, the game believes you're in the weapon transition state until the shedu equip animation is played, thus locking control until you dismount.

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