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Energy leeching enemies


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Yeah, the strangest part of the whole ensemble is the fact that there's nothing on screen to indicate that you're being drained except the fact that your energy is going down. Being hit with any status proc or losing shields or health all have some kind of cue, but with energy drains, nothing. Meanwhile, fishing the one leech or parasitic eximus out of a mob generally means killing the entire mob to find it. "Invisible nullifier" is an apt description.

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This is also why nobody does endless runs against Infested. At high levels they spawn way too many auras, including energy-leeches.

Level 200+ you basically have no energy and can't keep it.

LoS only makes good sense, but it should be stronger at lower levels and less scaled. It should be obvious which enemies are leeching you and with clear actions to evade, pause (rad procs etc) or kill the enemy.

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