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Garuda 4 augment

Enemies affected by garudas 4 now leave a trail of blood when they run and a puddle of blood when they die.

When garuda stands or walks on the blood she gains armor and move speed.

Blood puddle size and trail width affected by range.

Time puddles and trails stay on ground affected by duration.

Armor and movespeed affected by strength

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I'd have preferred Ash's Augment for Bladestorm to have changed it to an Aura-toggle. Anything within a certain range of ash gets attacked by his shadow-clones, with a per-enemy cost.

Hildryn-Balefire Charger- Equipping the Balefire Charger gives allies within range a buff "kills restore 50 shields to allies, if shields are full it gives 100 overshields instead"

Haven- Allies gain 25% more efficiency.

Pillage- Enemies are randomly polarized and will cling to eachother if within 15 meters.

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Wisp augment for breach surge. Holding the breach surge skill button instantly returns you to the nearest resevoir, no need to aim. Max range 500 meters. Prevents you using it cross map on open worlds but gives enough room for most viable in game uses where you'd want to do this. Especially good in defense and survival, things like that. 

Wisp augment for reservoirs. While standing within a certain area of a resevoir, you will gain an additional buff, range is effected by range, intensity of buff is effected by strength, duration does not matter as you lose buff if you go outside farther than a specific range of the reservoir. Health reservoir now increases your crit chance, speed reservoir now increases your weapon reload speed (making wisp and her companions better with bows in the process...) shock reservoir now increases status chance. (All mote effects are shared as long as fields overlap, so in theory if you lay three motes in the middle of an area, and lay a triangle shape of motes around the center three, as long as the areas of effect overlap, the effects of all three motes will be available anywhere inside that area. As such careful placement is important.

Wisp augment for wilowisp. Holding wilowisp for a brief time consumes up to three times the energy instead of faster wil o wisp movement and auto transport. When you release three wisps will be cast in different directions, which will try to avoid obstacles and deal shock damage while moving if you are effected by a shock mote, breach surge will effect all four of you but will consume up to four times as much energy, tapping the button while wilowisp is out will teleport you to the wisp you are most directly facing. Clearly this mod demands EFFICIENCY. In exchange for the cost, skill will last longer at base.

Wisp Sol gate augment. Sol gate becomes worth using instead of a trash 4. Increases energy drain (effected by efficiency and duration) to open a solgate that completely surrounds Wisp, the vast gravity of the Sun bleeds through and rag dolls any enemy that grows near (effected by range) into it where great damage is done, any enemies killed while skill is active will replenish energy (im not kidding this augment seriously increases drain) and sends out a pulse that increases "pull" radius and damage for a short time. Has 100% status chance dealing it's damage as radiation and fire, as well as corrosive if haste mote is active. This skill does have a base crit chance so it is effected by the earlier reservoir aug. 

I've been playing a lot of wisp lately so ideas for her come more readily...

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